About our Barbeques

Nothing beats a good barbeque, and the best barbeques let you create amazing food to share with friends and family. Whether it’s a casual Sunday lunch or a full-blown celebration, you’ll find the perfect model to cater to all your needs right here. Browse by price, burners, style, gas type or colour, or simply scroll through all of our barbeques to get an idea of what’s on offer.

Your Style, Your Way

Every outdoor area is unique, so we offer a range of styles to make sure you can get a product that suits your space. From build-in to freestanding and island choices, you’ll discover how versatile our models really are. Camping soon? We also have portable grilling options that are perfect for everything from a quick overnight getaway to an extended camping adventure.

Great Features

Each and every barbeque we manufacture is designed with you in mind. We integrate features to make them easy to use, efficient and versatile, letting you get more from your BBQ. Features will differ between each model, but you can expect all of our barbeques to be:

  • Built to last
  • Designed for high performance
  • Stylish
  • Created with the latest technology

Want to know what you’ll be getting from specific models? Click through to discover a thorough product description, specifications, manuals and reviews. Once you have all the information you need, you can choose the barbeque that’s perfect for you!

Award-Winning Barbeques

At Ziegler & Brown, we don’t just make barbeques – we’re seriously passionate about them too. We dedicate ourselves to integrating the best technology with amazing designs, which is an approach that has earned us multiple awards. You only have to try our barbeques for yourself to understand why so many people love them – it’s an experience from start to delicious finish.

Culinary Versatility

Of course, you can’t go past the traditional BBQ menu, but with our barbeques you can do so much more. Roasts, pizzas, baked goods… you’re only limited by your imagination when you have a Ziegler & Brown barbeque. Stuck for inspiration? Head to our hub for ideas on recipes as well as a range of instructional videos. 

Are you ready to discover the full Ziegler & Brown barbeque experience? Get your new outdoor cooking solution through Barbeques Galore today. With every delicious buffet you produce and every memorable occasion you share outdoors with friends and family, you’ll be glad you chose one of our products.

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