Meet the Ziggy Classic BBQ Family available in three sizes, (Single, Dual or Triple Burner Options). This high performance BBQ that will change the way you barbeque in the great outdoors or when at home. The Ziggy Classic's innovative european inspired design makes it the ultimate BBQ for every occasion!

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12 of 14 Items

Ziggy Classic

About Ziggy Classic by Ziegler & Brown

For portable BBQ grills you can count on, make sure you choose Ziegler & Brown. Our handy grills are compact, easy to carry and great to use. Whether you’re camping, picnicking or simply dealing with limited space at home, these portable grills are a clever way to enjoy a delicious meal.

Convenient Grilling Solutions

When you’re heading out into the world, relying on finding a permanent barbeque at your destination can be risky. So why not take your own and enjoy the freedom that comes with a portable barbeque grill?

When deciding on which barbeque grill is right for your needs, you can use the tool to the left to filter your search by price, burners, gas type or colour, or simply scroll through this page to get an idea of what’s available.

Great Features

While all of our portable grills are convenient and easy to use, our different variations may offer slightly different features. Typically, you can expect to find:

  • Large hoods to allow roasting
  • Durable construction
  • Separate controllable heat zones
  • Enough power to cook with the hood up
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty

Add to this the almost endless versatility of the grill plates and you have a seriously handy cooker by your side.

Do you have any questions about our barbeque grills or any of our other products? Contact us online or chat to a friendly team member from Barbeques Galore — as exclusive retailers of Ziegler & Brown, they are sure to be able to help you out with any queries.

Why Choose Ziegler & Brown?

As we are an award-winning barbeque brand, you can purchase with confidence when you choose Ziegler & Brown.

Our innovative products are acclaimed for their smart designs and incredible performance, so from the easy start to the tasty finish, you’ll love every step of your cooking journey when you take one of our barbeques home.

Whether you’re at home or out on a camping site, every meal can be amazing with a portable barbeque grill from Ziegler & Brown.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are easy — eggs, meat, fruit and veg all come up a treat, and cleaning afterwards is simple and quick.

If you’re up for some meal inspiration, head to our recipes section to discover delicious twists for your barbeque, or check out our Instagram feed below to see what creations our community is coming up with!

Browse our barbeque grills here, or head in to your nearest Barbeques Galore to see our products in person.