Smart Innovative Design

The Turbo Series’ ceramic burner and quartz dome combination delivers better cooking results by increasing radiant heat and minimising unwanted flare-ups.

The Best Firebox in the Business

Get better heat retention and the most consistent temperature control yet with the double skin firebox and hood in our Turbo Series.

Radiant Quartz Technology

Radiant infrared heat in the RQT burners is far more efficient at transferring heat to food than traditional convection gas flame systems.

Natural Gas

Have your plumber hook up your BBQ to your Natural Gas line at home and never refill a gas cylinder again. Natural Gas conversion kits available.

10 Year Warranty

All Ziegler & Brown Turbo BBQs come with a 10 year firebox warranty, for years of worry-free grilling

Award Winning

Winner of the prestigious Australian Design Award, the Turbo is a step above the rest.

Turbo Classic

Our 4 burner barbeque comes standard with two traditional cast iron burners for effectively heating up the hotplate and two RQT burners to efficiently transfer heat to food on the grill, while retaining moisture and flavour.

Choose from build-in, roll-in, on cart or island options to build your dream barbeque. Complete your barbeque by adding a range or sink for your perfect outdoor kitchen.

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Turbo Elite

Stunning in design and undeniably powerful, the Australian Design Award-winning Ziegler & Brown Turbo Elite barbeque is the ultimate outdoor accessory.

Featuring stainless steel detailing, the Turbo Elite 4 Burner comes standard with four powerful RQT burners to more effectively transfer heat to food on the grill, retaining moisture and flavour. Plus a full width stainless steel grill and bonus vitreous enamelled cast iron hotplate.

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Grand Turbo

Simply the most exclusive barbeque you can buy, the Grand Turbo features extra wide RQT burners that efficiently flame grill the fattiest cuts of meat. With a unique design and exclusive features, go bigger, bolder and better with our Grand Turbo range.

Unique features include a rotisserie kit and dedicated Infrared rear burner for super juicy spit roasting, and built-in halogen lights with an LED control panel for fuss free barbequing all night long.

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