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Here at Ziegler & Brown we like to help! See various PDF guides for the Ziegler & Brown product range, as well as catalogues and FAQs.

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LPG is a mix of Butane and Propane. The mix proportions in Australia are mostly quite consistent, but not always. In other countries (like New Zealand) the mix proportions can vary more. The Ziegler and Brown Triple Grill has been tested and approved with a much wide range of propane-butane mixes than normal, and is labelled accordingly.

Yes, Ziegler & Brown Triple Grills will also be available ready configured for NG use including a factory fitted bayonet hose. Codes for NG versions are ZG3GNGK for NG Gunmetal Grey and ZG3GRNGK for NG Chilli Red. It’s required with ANY new NG appliance that an authorised technician commissions the appliance (connects the hose to the bayonet and performs the proper tests including pressure tests). It is assumed that a licensed gasfitter has properly installed the customers bayonet. Any issues with low pressure or faults upstream of the BBQ hose are not able to be part of the BBQ warranty. As it’s a relatively small BBQ, it’s unlikely to have any issues.

Yes, an authorised person can change the injectors, hoses, valve turn-down settings and labels to switch the unit from one gas type to another. Injectors, labels and conversion instructions are available from the Barbeque Category Product Manager. Conversion can only be done by an authorised person.

Certification to Australian standards has for some time been “deregulated” to allow more competition in the market. AGA is not the only industry certifier. IAPMO is another equivalent. All the same Australian standards and regulations are still applied. IAPMO certificate number for both Twin Grill and Triple Grill models is on the data plate. (GMK10087)

The gas industry “regulators” that police any issues of safety and non-conformance to Australian standards have recently required addition of this label to cartons for easy recognition that it is certified

Its required by Australian standards that (a) if the barbeque is used without a cart, that the barbeque is chained to the gas cylinder to prevent accidental overstretching of the hose; (b) if the barbeque is connected to a reticulated supply of gas that the barbeque is chained to a strong point near the gas supply outlet to prevent accidental overstretching of the hose. It is also required for the barbeque to have a means of manually lighting should the ignition system fail. The smaller chain has a match holder to help in case of this almost impossible occurrence.

Spare parts are available please contact your local retailer for more information.