Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic and Elite RQT burner

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Product Description

Replace one or both of the traditional cast iron burners that come standard with the Turbo Classic range with the advanced technology of RQT.

The Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) burner system for the Ziegler & Brown Turbo range of barbeques has been designed and developed right here in Australia. It's an infra-red burner that delivers radiant heat directly under the food. Radiant infra-red heat is far more efficient at transferring heat to food than traditional convection gas flame systems which can dry out and burn meat too easily.

What's more, each RQT burner features a quartz dome running along its length which intensifies its heat, and because the dome is quartz and not glass, it's completely unaffected by thermal shock. Radiant Quartz Technology delivers greater cooking control and more finesse that lets everyone become a great barbeque chef. It's difficult to go wrong with RQT. RQT maximises cooking efficiency and allows you to control and minimise flare-ups so it delivers better flavour and texture.

  • Compatible with all Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic and Turbo Elite models
  • Infra-red burner delivers radiant heat directly under the food
  • Won't dry out or burn food like traditional convection gas flame
  • Features a quartz dome along the entire length, vapourises drips and protects the burner.
  • Quartz domes are unaffected by thermal shock and easy to clean

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