Ziggy By Ziegler & Brown Elite Twin Grill LPG (Gunmetal Grey)

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Product Description

The New Ziggy Elite builds on what has made the Ziggy Classic one of Australia’s most popular and loved compact barbeques for more than a decade.

Continuing in the steps of the Ziggy Classic, the Ziggy Elite steps up the game, with an all-new contemporary design, and features to deliver a more precise and hotter cook; with the exciting, new and innovative Precision Grill System™ and Active Precision Power Burners™; helping the Ziggy Elite deliver not only up to 25% more heat, but also a more consistent and even heat, while also allowing flexible cooking configurations to go from searing to roasting with ease.

  • Precision Grill System™ - The all-new Precision Grill System allows flexible cooking configurations to go from searing to grilling & roasting with ease.
  • Vented Half Hotplates - The new design now allows you to use safely one or even two hotplates together and to form a solid cooking surface.

  • Active Precision Power Burners™ - The all-new Active Precision Power Burners™ will not only deliver up to 25% more heat and power, but will regulate and disperse the flame more evenly than ever before with their unique design.

  • Innovative Modern Design - The squarer hood has about the same cooking surface area as a Classic model, but with significantly higher internal volume.

Other Details

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Warranty Information

The Ziggy Elite features a market leading 10 Year Warranty providing an additional 3 years of warranty support when comparing to the Classic Series & an additional 5+ years when comparing to similar BBQs in the market.