Ziggy Elite Reversible Hotplate (Suits Ziggy Elite)

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Product Description

This Ziggy Elite Reversible hotplate has been specially made to increase the versatility of your Ziggy Elite BBQ. Simply replace one of the grills with this optional accessory to expand your outdoor cooking capabilities.

Hotplates can be used to offer a half-and-half cooking set up OR a buying two hotplates allow for full hotplate cooking (hotplates only fit in high position)

The Ziggy Elite Hotplate allows you to use safely one or even two hotplates together and to form a solid cooking surface. With more space for eggs or pancakes to make big breakfasts, bigger. The hotplates are also reversible, allowing oil drainage one way up (for leaner more fat free cooking), capturing food and oil the other way up (for oil frying, pancakes, eggs etc.)