Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill Trivet

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Product Description

Expand your Big Ziggy's gourmet menu with the addition of the reversible trivet.

Built for ultimate functionality, the stainless steel trivet drops in place of the centre grill.

Use it with the side stamped Woks and Pots facing up to support the Ziegler & Brown wok using the high powered centre burner, or add the included mini trivet to support smaller pots.  Flip the trivet over to the side stamped Pizza and Pans to support the Ziegler & Brown pizza stone or larger frying pans.

The optional trivet offers stacks of cooking options, turning your Triple Grill into the most versatile BBQ ever.

  • Use your BBQ as a gas cook top
  • Suitable for woks, pots and fry pans
  • Includes a mini trivet holder for smaller pots
  • Reversible for different heat intensities

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