Ziegler & Brown Trivet Kit For Portable Grill

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Product Description

Nothing makes your Ziegler and Brown Portable Grill more versatile than the optional trivet accessory.

It's been specially designed to use instead of the cooking grill and turns your little Ziggy into a portable gas cooktop.

Simply remove the grill and replace it with the oval shaped trivet. The trivet comes with two support rings which fit into place depending on how you want to use it.

Option 1, one support ring is in the centre position for woks and larger pots. Option 2, the support rings are side by side for smaller pots and pans. Option 3, one ring is in the side position with the optional half hotplate on the other side. 

The pack also includes two mini trivet stands. One is flat, the other is recessed. These provide safe support for smaller pots or saucepans.

If you go camping, this is one accessory you'll really want to have. It gives you so much cooking flexibility. You're not just restricted to barbecuing.

  • The Portable Grill trivet will make your little Ziggy even more versatile.
  • Replace the grill with the trivet to use with woks, pots and pans
  • Perfect camping accessory
  • Comes with two mini trivets to support smaller pots
  • Use the optional half hotplate on one side and the trivet on the other side

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